Hello 2013!

Hey fellow readers 😉

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with lots of gifts and an even greater New Year. I have to admit that I was extremely happy when I saw that under the Christmas tree a couple of book to unwrap! I was really looking forward to reading this books since there is a lot of hype about them on the book blogging community. I’ve already devoured them of course and I finally figured out why everyone was so enthusiastic when talking about them. So, if you haven’t checked them out I recommend that you go and read the blurb at least when you can. They are:





WOOK (Portugal)










WOOK (Portugal)





My next review is actually about Everneath. The reason why I haven’t posted it yet is lack of time but I’m sure by next week I’ll have it ready. Just let me say, this two books are just mind-blowing. I read each of them nonstop.

Now, we all know 2012 was a great year for the YA readers. There were so many books released and so many debuts that it reached the point where it was hard to stay updated on what was being published or what new authors were definitely worth our time. I fell in love with many authors this year that I can only hope that 2013 reaches my expectations. Authors such as Collen Hoover (Slammed),Elizabeth Norris (Unraveling), Brodi Ashton (Everneath) and Wendy Higgins (Sweet Evil) marked the year of 2012 for me and I hope many great authors appear on the publishing industry with great books that can rise the bar even higher for 2014.

Happy reading in 2013!

Let the books come!

Mom just told me she’s volunteering at pride. 

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