Some Happy News!

I created the Chibi Reader blog last November and since then I’ve been trying to post something every week, be it reviews, cover reveals or not so often random ramblings (things that I wanted to post more often but…). So, it’s with great joy that I tell you that we have a new reviewer at Chibi Reader!

To show how happy I am I found some GIFs that basically show my reaction when I finally found a person to be my co-blogger.


What  will  this do to Chibi Reader? Well, for starters, Chibi Reader will be updated more often. This means more reviews, maybe some commenting about a book we both are reading, who knows, this may lead to some review wars, and hopefully some non-sense, amazing and absolutely useless posts!

But who is this person? You have to wait no further to know! I’ll let her take care of her own introduction to the world of book blogging. Take it away, Sofyy!

Hey guys! I’m Sofyy and I love to read! (duh!) I’ve always thought about creating a blog and review books, but I never actually did it.  So, when I met Ana and she told she was a reviewer, I thought seriously about it and decided for once and for all that I should do it as well xD Thank you Ana for making it happen ahaha, or else I would still be wondering about it…

I hope I can write good reviews, I promise I’ll do my best and update as often as I can! 🙂

Here is my Goodreads profile:

Welcome to Gryffindor! Uh, Chibi Reader.
It’s almost as awesome as Gryffindor!

Hey, guys! Ana here again. So, I think this will be really good for the blog and will make it better in every way! Let’s just hope I don’t scare Sofyy away AH!


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