Reading books for school! Fun or no fun?

This week I finally finished reading a book that I’d started about a month ago. It was hilarious, scandalous and one of the books I have enjoyed reading the most until now. The book in question is E by Matt Beaumont. Just let me say, this book is a pearl. This type of book is not usually one that I would pick up if I saw it in a shelf somewhere. It’s kinda like The Office. I’m sure I would just pass right by it and never give it a second glance. And that’s why I want to thank my English teacher for telling me and my class about it!!

Basically, I had to read this book for an oral exam that will unfortunately happen when the semester ends. Oh dreadful day! Come already so I can rest in peace and forget everything about college for about 2 months! Anyway, why the hell am I talking about a book which I most probably (definitely) will not review (even though I loved)? Well, to say the truth I’ve always hated the books my teachers had us read. Ok, not always, I loved “Os Lusíadas” by Luís de Camões. BUT, most of the time I just tought, gahhh why do they make us read this books?? They’re so boring… Now I kind of regret saying that but I still think some books are just downright tedious even if they might have a really profound message underneath. Itdoesn’t really matter, boring books are boring…

To be honest, most of the times I didn’t even read the whole book. I just skimmed it… (Hopefully none of my teachers will ever find out about this blog!) I read some summary on the internet and tried finding the most important scenes and read them just so I could have some sense of what happened. Ok, I still do this sometimes for books I can’t seem to enjoy much but since I hate not finishing books I usually end up just reading some parts and passing a few pages forward. I simply cannot bear the thought of starting a book and leaving it unfinished. I just can’t… I start thinking “But how the hell is this going to end? I hate the character and find the plot horrendous or super dull but I just can’t not know how it’s gonna end!!” and then start having a fight with myself whether I want to be a masochist or try to move forward and forget about the book and live happily ever after with other books.

So, back to “school books”. How do I make reading books I obviously don’t like but HAVE to read more enjoyable?? Well, I think there are a few ways to make that possible!

  • Making fun of every paragraph you read
  • Reading the book with a friend and comment every other page
  • Drink a lot while reading (ok, I obviously don’t recommend this technique, but, hey, it might help some people!)

So what do you do when you have to read a book and it’s just awful? Share your techniques with me!


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