So I have to write a new post? Bloglovin’ is confusing

I don’t really understand social networks and all the communities out there on the internet. I admit it, I’m a noob and that probably affects immensely how I deal with this blog. I was going through some blogs I really like when I noticed this little button on the sidebars that said bloglovin’. I though, well, I can’t even work with the whole RSS thing, but it won’t hurt to try this thing. What a thing it was! I created an account, went through all the require steps and FINALLY I reached the part where I have to add my blog. It was all going smoothly, not a single itch. I clicked the button to claim my blog and it says I have to find it. Ok, no problem! I type my URL and voila! There he is, oh, the prospect of finally being able to associate my blog with one of the blogging thingies (I have an account on Bookblogs but that’s about it!).

But… Of course, everything can’t go easy for once. I click on my blog and it says I can’t claim it, that I have first to write a new post with a HTML text they gave me. What? Excuse me, WUT? I have to write a post and put the link somewhere in it? WTF? I don’t want to write a post for a code, I don’t (even though I probably should seeing as I’m always neglecting my poor blog). However, I couldn’t pass up the chance of having a little cute button saying to follow me through blogloving. So, here I am, writing a post about my incompetence in dealing with blog stuff and social networks. For god’s sake, I only figured out how to use Twitter about 6 months after creating an account!

You will know of my eminent fail or miraculous achievement by checking if there is the little button to follow me on bloglovin’ on my sidebar, I guess. Oh but this would be for nothing if I didn’t put the damned code in here so Follow my blog with Bloglovin . Let’s see if this works *sigh*

Someone out there who wants to help me with these things??


4 thoughts on “So I have to write a new post? Bloglovin’ is confusing

  1. I so relate to you Ana! I’m constantly trying to figure out things to put in my blog, and also all the social network things!
    I also recently made a bloglovin account and also had to made the post, but I set it in an earlier date, like before my original first post.
    Anyway, going to also so “stalk” you in bloglovin,ahah!

    • This blogging thing is complicated! ahaha These things are really important but argh, so confusing!
      And that was smart, really smart… Wish I had thought of it! Damn xD
      *stalking you on bloglovin’* 😀

  2. Actually all you had to do is add an HTML widget to add the code on your sidebar or footer which you can then immediately remove after Bloglovin says you’ve claimed your blog. If they didn’t do this anyone could say your blog is theirs. They need something to prove you’re the admin (no one else can add this code). 🙂

    • *facepalm* Wish I had thought of that before. This whole blogging thing is harder than I was expecting. Oh well, now it’s done and it worked! ahaha Thanks Giselle, now I know what to do if I ever need to do this again or if anyone asks 😀

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