Cover Reveal: Fracture the Spider’s Web by Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis

Since I’ve read Dance in Shadow and Whisper, book 1 in the Marionettes of Myth Saga, I’ve been ecstatic to read the next book in the series. Even though that still isn’t possible *cries* I can at least look at its stunning cover until I get sick of it, all thought I don’t think that is going to happen! Revel yourself in the beauty that is the cover for Fracture the Spider’s Web!


If you haven’t read book 1, what are you waiting for?? Starting tomorrow it’s only  99cents! Check my review of it if you want.

I can’t post the summary of Fracture the Spider’s Web because of the spoilers (see the authors’ website) so check out Dance in Shadow and Whisper’s blurb!

Dance in Shadow and WhisperDance in Shadow and Whisper summary:

“Kali unexpectedly discovers on her first day of human high school that she’s forbidden to eat or partake of the toilet during class time, the assigned history and species books look best on the shelves of popular fiction, and the boy she’s watching over is definitely a reincarnated war lord.
The highest powers of Kali’s people and the highest powers of Yuuhi’s people, irreconcilable enemies, designated them to find proof that Jason is, in fact, the reincarnated Ares.
All Yuuhi sees in Jason is the typical scrawny, socially inept emo kid dressed in conflicting shades of black. But Kali sees that Jason’s shadow is bigger than he is, and if the powers of Yuuhi’s people find out, Jason won’t be human much longer.
The desire to protect him from an unexpected visitor brings out her most dangerous sides. Something’s changing in her, something she can’t control, and she’s not afraid of Jason mutating into a creature of the shadows more than she’s afraid she’s becoming something even worse.
And the highest powers will be watching her.”

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2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Fracture the Spider’s Web by Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis

  1. Oh gosh you already know how much I want to read Dance in Shadow and Whisper. I just want to go and raid Amazon to get this book. Note: resisting the temptation right now. And the second book cover. NOM. It looks so amazing and just gorgeous. * ^ * Oh I need to get these lovelies already.

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