Short Reviews #3

Short Reviews is a feature in where I write really really small reviews of books I’ve read sometime ago because I simply haven’t had the time to write a full review for them. This time I review Shut Out, Sloppy Firsts and Going Under.

Shut OutShut Out by Kody Keplinger

I love Kody Keplinger. I admit it, I’m obsessed with her novels! I even used The DUFF in a presentation for a group project at university. Shut Out didn’t disappoint. It was funny, ok, sometimes it was downright hilarious. Others it made me want to cry or scream at Lissa. She did some really stupid things but that’s what made her more real. I obviously loved Cash (yeesh!) and felt like Randy should have been thrown across the Atlantic.
All in all, it was a great book!

4 Chibis

Sloppy Firsts (Jessica Darling, #1)

Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty 

This was a strange book for me. I liked some parts but then I there were times when I just couldn’t help feeling anything but bored.
On the bright side, I actually could relate myself to the main character, Jessica.

“The crazy thing is, the higher my GPA gets, the more I realize that high school is useless. I’m serious. I forget everything I’m supposed to have learned immediately after the test. For example, I got back a Chemistry quiz I took last week. I nailed a 95. But when I looked over the formulas today, they meant nothing to me. All subjects are the same. I memorize notes for a test, spew it, ace it, then forget it.”

Come on, this happens to almost everyone!

And I absolutely loved Marcus! Just plain dreamy!

3.5 Chibis

Going Under

Going Under by S. Walden

Going Under made me feel many things. This is actually a very difficult book for me to rate given that while I loved the story sometimes I just couldn’t understand Brooklyn’s actions. The book is beautiful in a way but very irritating! I might up the rating, I just have to think about it for a little bit more.

3 Chibis



2 thoughts on “Short Reviews #3

  1. Haha I am totally with you on the tests. Like I learn so hard for a test then when the next test features problems of last test I got no idea how to do it. So even though SAT isn’t until 2-3 more years, I feel scared because I don’t think I can remember everything from 7th grade until now. :$

    Oh I really want to read The Duff and Shutout too. 😀 So glad you enjoyed em all.

    • I’m actually having that problem right now -.-‘ My teachers decided they should schedule testes right in the beginning of the semester and I don’t remember things I SHOULD remember. And don’t even show me a math problem or geography from 7th grade, it’d be embarassing ahaha
      Oh, I just love love love Kody Keplinger, her books give me the feelssss and most of the time I can’t stop giggling. I recommend them! *thumbs up* 😀

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