We’re back!

So, if you follow our blog you know that even though me and Sofyy don’t post a loooottt in a month we have been kind of MIA this month. Well, we’re back! I’ve been having some technical problems: PC died, mice are living in my ceiling and chewing on stuff (I’m not kidding, I had mice in my ceiling. They’re gone now), etc. Also, this year in college has been revealed to be more demanding and I had to catch up to a lot of stuff I was leaving behind. Fear not! I have already solved all this problems and have the time and possibility to be faithful to my blog again.

And that’s it for today! Tomorrow we’ll start with the former routine, I’ll be posting Fracture the Spider’s Web’s review and then other stuff that have been piling up on my to-do-for-blog list.

Thanks for reading our silly posts and I hope you continue finding them amusing and useful (or not useful at all 😉 ).

2 thoughts on “We’re back!

    • Thanks Joana! Let’s see if we are more dedicated to the blog from now on Ahaha this little unexpected hiatus gave us some relax time so we don’t have excuses now not to post more things and to slack as we were doing >.<

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