Book Review: Fracture The Spider’s Web by Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis

Fracture the Spider's Web (The Marionettes of Myth, #2)

Fracture the Spider’s Web by Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis (blog)

Series:  The Marionettes Myth Saga (#2)

Published: September 1st 2013

Publisher: Self-published

Goodreads: “Even gods can be killed. The sword of Ra had finally responded to Kali’s command—just in time for her to spear her sister, Solara, through the heart. Kali then bled out. Her life ended. When her eyes next opened, she was in an underground hospital, and she wasn’t in possession of her own body.
Toivo and Carmi can only wait under Ave and Elliot’s roof, desperate for news. All they know is that Solara’s body was recovered, but Kali’s is missing, and the funeral for their fathers is nearing. With their family broken and interspecies warfare brewing, the brothers will have to reconcile their grief and do what it takes to keep from losing Kali a second time. They won’t be alone, and they won’t be unchallenged.
But the real war has already begun. Toivo is struck with a mysterious illness, Yuuhi’s vampire parents are calling, and Jason must understand Ares’ motivations, or lose to them. In the end, each of them might just be at the mercy of the hand that holds Ra—or the hands that pull on the web of marionette strings.
Their decisions can stop the war, or ignite it.”


*This review will contain spoilers for book 1 of the series as well as some HIDDEN spoilers for this book.*

Holy shit. Sorry, this was completely necessary to describe my feelings for Fracture the Spider’s Web. Wow, just wow, I really liked Dance in Shadow and Whisper (book 1) but I have to say, this one is even better.

First of all, the feels, oh the feels. So much happens on this book! So, by the end of Dance in Shadow and Whisper, Kali had lost her body to Amon after fighting her own sister. We never found out how that happened or how the situation got all messed up all of a sudden but things went apeshit by the end of that book. We have all the answers in Fracture the Spider’s Web. I’ll try not to spoil much of the book but, come on, it’s kind of difficult not to spill some spoilers when talking about the continuation of a story. Anyway, So Amon finally managed to reincarnate and apparently, so did Ares, his rival. However, not everything is what it seems. I must be honest, I was completely lost at the beginning of the book because I thought some things had happened but, apparently, they hadn’t? I’m not really making much sense, am I?… Well, this book messed up with my mind so you get to deal with all my rambled thoughts now. Really, I tried so many times to predict things and to figure out the reasons why certain characters did what they did and failed so SO many times that I reached a point when I just gave up on trying to get and got completely immersed and engrossed in the story. Since the story is written in various POVs let’s just say that I lived many lives while reading FtSW.

About the actual plot and characters now. I felt like FtSW had a solid, simple (while complex) plotline. So many things happen at the same time: romance appears or grows between some characters (talking about that later on, of course), war schemes are on the making, traps are set, funerals break my heart, even more characters appear while others make their importance known… Your brain will be trying to figure things out while your heart is breaking or you’re laughing hysterically. Hmm this feels like deja vu for me: “book that will leave you laughing hysterically  or crying your heart out” (Review of Dance in Shadow and Whisper)

The funeral scene was definitely the most heart wrenching scene. I wasn’t going to talk about it but I think it’s one of the most powerful scenes in FtSW. The siblings fathers’ were so important for them. Even Solara. After what she had done, they still couldn’t stop thinking about them. True sad scene.

I talked before about big characters’ development. The biggest change we see is in Kali. I remember her as being a weak heroine. Sure, towards the end of book 1 she had changed some but the new Kali in FtSW is really a NEW Kali. She is confident, she is powerful, she is brave. We don’t see her shyness in here. No, no. Actually, it seems like she might have developed some sassyness. Maybe that’s Amon’s influence? I don’t know but I really liked this new Kali, I really did. (And I think Yuuhi did, too *cough*cough* ). I also loved Amon’s Kali. So awesome!

Tovio and Carmi also changed some, There were some revelations about Tovio that took me off guard. I did not expect them and I don’t know how those new aspects will play out in the next book but I am anxious to find out. It gives a new shift in the story and will make so many things change. Argh, how did it come to this?? Carmi is still my favourite character besides Yuuhi (coming yo him in a bit). Oh boy, big surprise with Carmi. I knew something would happen to him. I just knew it! Still bad-mouthed as ever, of course. He is extremely smart and can never throw his own thoughts in every discussion. I… I just love him ahaha.

Yuuhi is still the same as ever. HOWEVER, we found out that he and Ave had a past together and we didn’t know what would happen now that they had got in contact again. You should know that I’m a huge Kali-Yuuhi shipper. Yup, I never wanted Kali-Jason but things were so complicated on the first book that we never found out how everyone felt about each other. Well, we have some couples here! I won’t say who they are but be prepared for being shocked ibysome scenes, betrayed in other and all fuzzy in some. Great romance developments in this book (I’m a romance sucker). Jason kind of disappears in the first third of the book, we all think of him as Ares but some things happen and blah blah and then Ares does stuff and everything becomes complicated all over again. He is a really complex character and I’m really glad that we got some answers about his past and his personality.

Ares and Amon’s war is another thing that threw me completely. You know how they say everything is because of a woman? Well, that is the case in here. I won’t say much, just that some things, well, weren’t really what I had planned and I loved their relationship by the end, if we can even say that. As I said, it was all very complicated. I can only tell you to read the book if you want to understand what I mean. Many characters get involved in this, some reveal their true objectives, others become even more mysterious (Eliot). Cassius plays a bigger role in this book and be sure to remember some strange characters that might slip your mind (I didn’t even thought of them I admit) because they will surprise you.

All in all, Fracture the Spider’s Web was a book that gave me the feels and that went beyond my expectations. It didn’t end with a cliffhanger, it did however, leave me with the feeling of anticipation. I can’t wait to see how the seemingly eminent war will break out or how the relationships between characters will develop. More Golden Boy please!! I wanted to talk about so many things but then this would turn into a book talk. Maybe I’ll do one of those later on. Maybe. Anyway. Amazing book, beautiful story. I’m ready for book 3!

My body is ready - Sanji

5 Chibis

*Fracture the Spider’s Web was provided by the authors in exchange of a honest review. Thank youuu :3*

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