Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

The Falconer (The Falconer, #1)

The Falconer by Elizabeth May

Series: The Falconer (#1)

Published: September 26th 2013

Publisher: Gollancz

Summary: One girl’s nightmare is this girl’s faery tale. 
She’s a stunner.
Edinburgh, 1844. Eighteen-year-old Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, has everything a girl could dream of: brains, charm, wealth, a title — and drop-dead beauty.
She’s a liar.
But Aileana only looks the part of an aristocratic young lady. She’s leading a double life: She has the rare ability to sense the sìthichean — the faery race obsessed with slaughtering humans — and, with the aid of a mysterious mentor, has spent the year since her mother died learning how to kill them.
She’s a murderer.
Now Aileana is dedicated to slaying the fae before they take innocent lives. With her abilities and her knack for inventing ingenious tools and weapons — from flying machines to detonators to lightning pistols — ruthless Aileana has one goal: Destroy the faery who destroyed her mother.
She’s a Falconer.
The last in a line of female warriors born with the gift for hunting and killing the fae, Aileana is the sole hope of preventing a powerful faery population from massacring all of humanity. Suddenly, her quest is a lot more complicated. She still longs to avenge her mother’s murder — but she’ll have to save the world first.”


You know what came to mind when I was reading The Falconer? The only series with Faeries that I liked: Fever and The Iron Fay. I usually try to stay away from this type of book since until now those were the only series that I enjoyed (and they are awesome! So if you haven’t read them yet go pick them up now!). But everyone was saying such great things about this one that I had to check it out. You know, the hype thing and all that. One cannot escape the hyped books! I admit, The Falconer is worth all the hype. It’s a freaking amazing book, with a kick-ass female heroine and a swooning love interest.

First of all, how many heroines know how to make and detonate bombs? Yup, bombs. Since her mother died, Aileana (Kam) has learned how to fight faeries with her gorgeous tutor, Kiaran, who happens to be a faery himself. For a reason I will not mention, he doesn’t like faeries very much and taught Kam how to kill them. However, he told her not to fight them on her own, she could only go hunting with him. But you know that there would be no story if she actually complied to what he said so off she goes, hunting and killing faeries in the middle of the night by herself. To have more meanings and chances of survival, Kam starts trying to make bombs and weapons. She used to love working with mechanical things with her mother and now she is putting her knowledge to work. Blah blah, shit happens and an amazing story begins.

Okay, The Falconer might not be the epitome of stories but it is greatly enjoyable, with lots of “OMG, it’s now, it’s gonna happen, she’s gonna die now”-moments or “Just kiss already dammit”-moments.

Anyways, I already said I loved the main character I don’t know how many times, let’s talk a little about other character. The dad, the dad… ARGHHH why? Just… No, he was so annoying. Her friend was actually pretty cool, seeing how the society was. She always  supported Kam and when she found out about faeries. Oh boy! Hilarious. And Derrick, Kam’s faery that lives in the closet! Ah! He is the star of the story. Basically, Derrick lives in Kam’s closet because he loves fixing ruined dresses, in which Kam comes from hunting with A LOT. I’d be fascinated if she managed to come home unscraped after fighting with I don’t know how many deadly faeries in a night. He also is her ally, and even though faeries supposedly don’t have emotions, he gets attached to her.

Kiaran… Well, he is the bad faery who actually isn’t that bad and saves Kam one night and becomes her teacher. He is your usual male hero but, damn, this type of character never fails to catch my heart. If only someone like this appeared in real life! Ah! I loved when he has to treat Kam (she gets pretty banged up whenever she has a fight and one night ihihih

But since this book would not be the same without the freaking (not) love triangle. Really, it’s not a love triangle. It’s just a “thing” (read the book if you want to know what I mean). And of course, I have to talk about the damn ending. Okay, I know the author needs to make the readers eager for the next book but I did not want that ending, I wanted some miracle to happen and to save the day. Or for Kirian to just use his fairy mojo to change the outcome of the final battle. Auch, my heart hurts.

If you, one night, want to read a book and don’t mind staying up all night to finish it, because that’s what will happen once you start The Falconer, you know this is book for you. *flies away to search for a Kirian*

4 Chibis


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Falconer by Elizabeth May

  1. Haha, I always adore your reviews, Ana! They make me want to read the book so much! XD The fairy in her closet somehow I am shipping the main character with him, because he sounds adorable. But I like Kirian too. >___< Oo I need to read the book to know which I like better now!

    • >//< ooohhh thankss delaney! I'm happy to know I'm making you want spend money on books, our eternal problem ahaha
      Derrick is amazing! (I don't know if you'll ship them while reading the book but I won't say a thing! Can't. Spoil. Anything.
      Kirian is your usual guy in the books but pretty awesome anyway. 😉
      This is one book I definitely recommend! (I have the kindle version but now I'm saving to buy the physical copy, I want it!!)

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