Exams, Exams and more Exams

Well, it feels as if I haven’t written a thing here in a really long time!And… that’s what happened. Sorry for being MIA this month guys but Sofyy and I have been so so busy with exams and haven’t been reading a thing! Only the required books for college.  This month has been total chaos and it’ll still be until the 31st comes. It’s been awful and since we now know we won’t be posting a single thing until the end of the exam period we now make this late post. We’ll post the scheduled reveals and that but there won’t be probably any new review for now… Please, wait for us and wish us luck! Hope we survive this shit, because, well, let’s call it for what it is! See you all in February!

One thought on “Exams, Exams and more Exams

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