Movie Review: Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy Movie


Rose Hathaway is a Dhampir, half human/vampire, guardians of the Moroi, peaceful, mortal vampires living discretely within our world. Her legacy is to protect the Moroi from bloodthirsty, immortal Vampires, the Strigoi. This is her story.


 Mark Waters


Richelle Mead (novel), Daniel Waters (screenplay)



As a reader of the Vampire Academy series by the fabulous Richelle Mead it is my duty to say that the movie is very different from the book.

There were uncountable situations where I just wished they had followed the book, if the books are famous and a lot of people loved them (me being one of those), then why the HELL don’t they just stick to the damn books?! I mean it’s not that hard! Just take a look at Harry Potter and Hunger Games!!! I felt pretty damn mad when something happened out-of-place. One thing is to choose a cast we don’t like, mainly because we just pictured a different person for that character, but hey, that’s just the way things are. I never complained about the cast, I was just happy a movie was being made and hoped the actors would perform well. Another thing is to change some things on the plot that shouldn’t have been changed… Some stuff were just pretty damn ridiculous, like Natalie LICKING A FUCKING WALL! #whatthehell?! or the headmistress Kirova acting like a total slut, it was bad enough that she looks way younger than expected but acting like a sex-hungry teenager? Just awkward.

And what about Queen Tatiana? What the actual fuck? If you have watched the movie then you know what I’m talking about.

Although there were a lot of parts on the movie where I found myself cringing and wishing for them to just read the books and stick to them, there were also a lot of positive aspects I have to mention:

The cast, especially Zoey Deutch, I loved her! She was just awesome, some people say she isn’t pretty enough to play Rose but that doesn’t matter! Actually, I think she is really beautiful. But how she looks isn’t what I wanted to talk about, I want to praise her acting, which was amazing, she acted just how I had pictured Rose, sassy, sexy, brave and a mix between feminine and warrior-like.

Lucy Fry also did a good job at playing Lissa!

Now, about the guys, me and my best friend were a squealing mess most of the time, that Jesse (Ashley Charles), Manson (Cameron Monaghan) and Christian (Dominic Sherwood) damnnn! Hotness everywhere, plain, total hotness!

No, I haven’t forgotten our Russian guy, Dimitri Belikov (Danila Kozlovsky), I have no words to express how I felt when he spoke, his hair looks stupid and wrong, but, I don’t know, that man can make any woman’s knees weak… That slight Russian accent and the way he said “Roza” — ohgodkillme — a girl can’t possibly act unaffected by him, that is simply not possible.

The soundtrack is pretty awesome, I’m currently listening to it on a youtube playlist, I love it, it’s pretty good. It has attitude and is sassy, just like Rose xD

Overall, I liked the movie, even though, I was mad they didn’t stick to the book but I was kind of already expecting that, so I wasn’t too disappointed. Yet, the cast is amazing and so is the movie, it was entertaining, funny, romantic and edgy, the kind of feeling I got from the books. As such, I am happy about it, and obviously, I hope a 2nd movie is filmed, I WANT ADRIAN IVASKOV IN THE BIG SCREEN!

4 Chibis

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