Reviews with or without spoilers?

When I started writing reviews, I mainly just tried to express my feelings over a book and that’s it. I didn’t really talk about the book. Now, things have changed. I feel the need to write about what happens in certain scenes, about what that character did and how the other reacted, things like that. Basically, I felt the need to turn the “reviews” into booktalks. But then, another problem arises: what can I tell the other readers? Should I be specific or try to explain while not explaining? Should I maybe give hints to what happens? Damn it, what should I do??? What should I write? I don’t want to spoil anyone but my review won’t make any sense if I don’t explain what I’m writing about. I have all this ideas on my mind and then I end up writing absolutely nothing.

And this is how this post came to mind. My mind is all fucked up. So, I’ve come to a conclusion. Imma write reviews with spoilers! Full spoilerly spoilers! If you haven’t read a book and don’t want to know how it ends or what happens, just read the first and last paragraphs, I won’t be as cruel and spoil a book in the first line of my review. I’m not that mean. From now on, the first paragraph will tell you my general opinion of the book and what it is about, the last one will mention my feelings more intensely and will tell if I recommend or not the book. Should be easy right?

I have to admit, I’m kinda worried about this. I just want to write more and more but I keep deleting reviews or changing them because I don’t know what it’s okay to mention and what is not. So, I think it’s better to adopt a fuck it attitude and just go with the flow. I’ll write what I want and if I see the spoilers are huge I’ll just write a little warning, like I did in some of my first reviews.

Conclusions from this post:

If you like spoilers, you’re ok.

If you don’t like spoilers, fear not my dear friends! Just read the first and last paragraph of my reviews and your book’s expectations will be intact!

Also, I’m just talking for myself. Sofyy will continue writing her reviews as she as always done!

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