Book Review: Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast

30196Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast

Series: Goddess Summoning (#1)

Published: October 7th 2003

Publisher:  Berkley Sensation

Summary: “On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary…but she never believed the spell would actually work.

When her military plane crashes into the ocean, CC’s mission overseas takes an unexpected turn. She awakens to find herself in a legendary time and place where magic rules the land—occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But there is danger in the waters and the goddess Gaea turns this modern, military gal into a beautiful damsel so that she can seek shelter on land.

CC is soon rescued (literally) by a knight in shining armor. She should he falling in love with this dream-come-true, but instead she aches for the sea and Dylan, the sexy merman who has stolen her heart.”




The first thing to talk about is the cover. Not this cover though, the cover of the Portuguese edition:


I bet you guys have to agree with me, this cover is beautiful. It’s of my favorite covers ever! Happily, this is also one of my favorite books!

If you know P.C. Cast then you probably met her the same way I did, through the House of Night series (I’m still wondering whether I shall review this series or not in the future), a series she wrote with her daughter Kristin Cast. Once I found out they were mother and daughter it weirded me out a bit. Probably because, if I remember correctly, there are some smutty scenes on the House of Night series, and me and my mom never talk about boys, kissing or sex. I’ll probably talk about it with my future spawns, but definitely not with her.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about this book.

This book, oh this book…. It’s so damned good, seriously. I’ve always been head-over-heels with mermaids and mermaid legends, mermaids are pretty much my all-time favorite mythological creatures. So, once I found this book I couldn’t feel any happier.

CC is the main character of this story, she is a sergeant, yes, you read correctly, a sergeant of the American Air Forces, oh, and by the way, she has a phobia to planes, flying, air, you know, the usual ahahaha

The poor woman pretty much has to  face her fears every day…. now guys, that’s what I call a woman with balls.

CC loves her job but up until then, she didn’t feel like she was living, she felt as if something was missing in her life, something magical. It is then, on her 25th birthday she decides to get wasted with champagne, stuff her face with KFC and summon Gaea, the Earth Goddess. That’s my kind of girl, I do this all the time! … not.

The following morning CC feels reborn, as if something truly magical had happened to her.


While she was on her way to Saudi Arabia on a C-130 aircraft, the plane does everyone’s worst nightmare, it falls, on the Mediterranean sea.Sean the hot pilot sitting next to CC gets killed during the crash, and although CC tries to swim to save herself something pulls her ankle under water. CC believes she’s going to meet death, but instead she sees herself face-to-face to the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen, only she’s not a woman, she is mermaid. The mermaid’s name is Undine and she makes a deal with CC.

CC suddenly wakes up to find herself in Undine’s body!

Although everything sounded suddenly better, CC meets Undine’s brother… her next worst nightmare. After being able to repel him she meets the Goddess Gaea who tells her that to save herself she must find true love in land. In Land also happens to be the medieval Wales, an era of knights and repressed women.

But instead of finding love in land, she finds love in the sea as she meets Dylan, the handsome, charming merman, who makes her heart throb and her skin hot (I just attempted to rhyme here, but it didn’t go so well…).

Unfortunately CC must beware of other beings and fight against old-fashioned men.

I loved this book, if you like a romance with some time traveling, hot mermen, some crying and lots of sexy scenes, this is your book!

4.5 Chibis

Book Review: Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

17156015Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Series: Beauty (1#)

Published: January 29th 2013

Publisher: Georgia Cates

Summary: “They agreed on three months…but their love knew no boundaries.

Jack McLachlan is a winemaking magnate and easily one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors. His success and wealth make him no stranger to the complications of romantic relationships and that’s why he goes to extreme measures to avoid the hassle. He prefers simplicity in the form of a beautiful female companion with no strings attached. He arranges relationships like business deals and they’re always the same. No long term relationships. No real names.

It’s his game and his rules. He’s content to play as usual, but when Laurelyn Prescott enters his life, his strategy must change because this player is like none he’s ever encountered. His world is turned on its head after he begins a three month affair with the beautiful American musician. Nothing goes according to plan and as he breaks more and more of his own rules for her, she’s exceptionally close to becoming something he never thought possible. His ultimate game changer.

Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.”




“What a wonderful tittle! Is it about BDSM?”

I asked myself once I set my eyes on this book for the first time. No guys, No BDSM, despite the very suggestive tittle. I guess in this particular case the author meant pain as in mental pain, not physical. I think I’m getting way too kinky, I seriously need to start reading less Erotica.

Anyway this book starts with a young woman flying to the land of the kangaroos, Australia. Her bff is also going with her. They both plan to stay at Ben’s house, her bff’s brother for 3 months.

Laurelyn ends up meeting the handsome Jack Henry, who has a very peculiar way of pursuing a woman *coff stalking coff* and an even better way of having a relationship.

After they both meet they agree on a relationship, a no strings attached relationship, 3 months,  no real names, no family or friends, or anything personal.
Obviously that didn’t go as expected and feelings get in the way.

I really don’t have not much to say about this book, I enjoyed reading it, but I’m not sure yet if I’m reading the second one or not. I didn’t like the way this one ended, the author could’ve stuck to one book, I would’ve been satisfied, but she decided to end it in a way that there would be a second book, and there is… and a third one.

Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that this book has two POV’s. I know lot’s of people like it, some people love it, yet I don’t. I like more than one POV very, very occasionally. This wasn’t one of those situations.

Despite not having liked the ending or the dual POV,I liked the plot and both main characters, they were both very entertaining and surprisingly, not annoying, something I keep finding in more and more books nowadays, annoying characters.

3.5 Chibis

Book review: Bad for you by Abbi Glines


Bad for you by Abbi Glines

Series: Sea Breeze (#7)

Publisher: Simon Pulse

Published: April 1st 2014

Goodreads: Innocence was never meant for the addictive… 

Addiction was something Krit Corbin accepted as part of his nature a long time ago. He decided to embrace it and flip his finger at the rules. Women had always been the number one thing on his list of addictions. He couldn’t get enough. Being the lead singer in a rock band had only made access to his favorite addiction that much easier.

Being alone was the only thing Blythe Denton understood. The small town minister’s family that raised her hadn’t accepted her as their own. The minister’s wife had always made sure Blythe understood just how unworthy she was of love. When Blythe is sent away to college and given a chance to finally be free of living as an unwanted burden, she looks forward to having peace in her life. Being alone isn’t something that bothers her. She escapes reality in the stories she writes.

However, the ridiculously sexy tattooed guy who keeps throwing parties in the apartment above hers is driving her crazy. For starters, he doesn’t treat her like she would expect a guy with a different woman always hanging on his arm to treat someone as uninteresting as her. She looks nothing like the gorgeous women she sees parading in and out of his apartment, but for some strange reason he keeps showing up at her door.

During a party at his apartment, Krit’s new neighbor comes to the door with her long brown hair pulled up in a messy knot and a pair of glasses perched on her cute little nose. She wants him to turn down the music, but he convinces her to stay.

Krit Corbin may have just found his biggest addiction yet. And Blythe Denton realizes too late that she’s finally been claimed.”




Yes, I guess you have noticed by now, I’m a big Abbi Glines’s fan… what can I say, she’s awesome. Her books make me feel angsty, swoony, red-hot mad and red-hot other thing *giggles*

I don’t know why but I have this thing for books whose main characters are: virginal, sweet, innocent girls and bad/playboy, alpha guys. My mom probably dropped me a couple of times when I was a baby, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did cause I’m pretty weird sometimes *coff always coff*

I thought this book would only be about some unresolved business the main male character had, like not being able to keep a stable relationship, or idk, child drama, or even being unable to utter a certain four letter word, you know, the thing you usually read on every NA book nowadays…

This book was about that, but mainly, about the main female character, Blythe. Like I said before, I admit I have a soft spot for sweet, innocent main characters, yet Blythe was still able to bring something new to all the other book characters I’ve ever met. I can’t praise her enough, really.

Anyway guys, I really want you to read this one, even if you don’t like Abbi Glines’s books (I am aware of some bad critics), or if you don’t know Abbi Glines at all.

This book can be read as a standalone, so please give it a try!

My brain and insides turned into mush after reading this book. Hopefully it will make you feel the same! 

I won’t even go further and explain how the book starts, as I usually do, I just really want you go ahead and read it like I did. I started reading this book without even reading the summary, which a must to me!

4.5 very sexy Chibis

Book Review: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

51496The Stange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Publisher: Signet Classics

Published: September 2nd 2013 (first published 1886)

Summary: In this harrowing tale of good and evil, the mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll develops a potion that unleashes his secret, inner persona—the loathsome, twisted Mr. Hyde.









I have to admit, this book blew my mind! I loved it! I had heard of this story, I knew it was about a doctor who could turn into a monster, a vicious one. I actually pictured his mean alter ego as Hulk.

The story begins with the lawyer Utterson who becomes interested on the strange and mysterious Mr.Hyde. As soon as Utterson hears about Mr.Hyde a need within him was created, a need to know beyond what he was told of this character, a need to know beyond the appearances. As he talks to everyone who might know Mr.Hyde, he finds a connection between Mr. Hyde and his dear friend, Dr.Jekyll. Although, a few years back, Dr. Jekyll and Utterson were big friends, Dr.Jekyll suddenly hid  himself in his home, barely coming out of it or even contacting his friends.

Utterson also finds that Dr.Jekyll wrote on his will that in case of his disappearance or death all his money should be given to Mr.Hyde. This obviously intrigued Utterson to no end. He wanted to know the connection between these two very different people.

As the book goes on I found myself more and more into it, despite knowing the truth behind this connection. Also, Mr.Hyde’s body changed in my mind, I could no longer see him as a Hulk, but rather as a fat, hairy Gollum (from Lord of the Rings).

Even though this book’s story was quiet interesting, what really made me love it was the duality between good and evil. No one can be completely and truly good, or completely evil. Dr.Jekyll invented a potion that could bring up his evil half, a being incapable of love, remorse or even guilt. Dr.Jekyll soon became addicted to the potion, in it, he found a way to escape the real world and his sins by turning into Mr.Hyde. He could then place all of his wrong doings on Mr.Hyde without feeling guilty.

He couldn’t control Mr.Hyde for long, Mr.Hyde became stronger and stronger, being able to “come out” whenever he wanted and committing vicious acts without the control of Dr.Jekyll.

At the end, Dr.Jekyll tried to make amends, but those weren’t enough to prevent his death. He confesses his medical experiment and the mysterious Mr.Hyde in a letter sent to Utterson.

4 Chibis



Book Review: The Assassin’s Curse + The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Assassin's Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1)

The Assassin’s Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Series: The Assassin’s Curse (#1)

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Published: October 2nd 2012

Summary:Ananna of the Tanarau abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to another pirate clan. But that only prompts the scorned clan to send an assassin after her. When Ananna faces him down one night, armed with magic she doesn’t really know how to use, she accidentally activates a curse binding them together.  To break the spell, Ananna and the assassin must complete three impossible tasks–all while grappling with evil wizards, floating islands, haughty manticores, runaway nobility, strange magic…and the growing romantic tension between them.”

The Pirate's Wish (The Assassin's Curse, #2)

The Pirate’s Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke

Series: The Assassin’s Curse (#2)

Publisher: Strange Chemistry

Published:  June 18th 2013

Summary: “After setting out to break the curse that binds them together, the pirate Ananna and the assassin Naji find themselves stranded on an enchanted island in the north with nothing but a sword, their wits, and the secret to breaking the curse: complete three impossible tasks. With the help of their friend Marjani and a rather unusual ally, Ananna and Naji make their way south again, seeking what seems to be beyond their reach.
Unfortunately, Naji has enemies from the shadowy world known as the Mists, and Ananna must still face the repercussions of going up against the Pirate Confederation. Together, Naji and Ananna must break the curse, escape their enemies — and come to terms with their growing romantic attraction.”


This is something unusual but I decided to make my comeback to the book community by making a double review! Mostly it’s because I marathoned this two books and, honestly, I can’t remember if this scene or that one were part of the first book in the duology or not. I promise not to make some major spoilers!

After going through university’s awful final’s period, I knew I had some reviews late and had to post something. However, I just wanted to read something new before posting those, just relax and take my mind of school. So I went to my goodreads TBR list adn started scaning it. My eyes fell immediatly on The Assassin’s Curse, mainly because many people were talking about it and I had no idea what to expect from it. The cover didn’t tell me anything and I’m not one for pirate and assassines’ books but oh, well, I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to pick it up. I needed something different, something that would take me to a different world.

And oh, boy, didn’t it. The Assassin’s Curse is a lovely series that I wish would have more books in it. WE CAN JUST NOT BE SATISFIED WITH TWO BOOKS. BELIEVE ME, it will mess with your head and make you call your friends to read it so they can suffer as well. (That’s right Soffs, you will be getting a call soon)

The Assassin’s Curse is about a Annana, a pirate girl who was sent to get married to another pirates’ family, the Harriri. Long story short, she doesn’t want to and runs off which makes the family retaliate and send an assassin to kill her. When he finds her, she ends up saving his life and a curse bounds him to her. He has to protect her until he can break the curse, if she dies, he dies. I have to be honest, to this point I was already getting into the book but I didn’t know if this was the kind of book that would stay with me.

However, while the story goes on you can’t help but be hooked. You get to love Annana for all her craziness and pirateness. She might be childish sometimes, but I guess she has a right to be and it’s not one of those character that annoy you. The assassin, Naji, is this mysterious guy with his blood magic that will be the ultimate victim of Annana’s craziness because his curse makes him get headaches and whatever whenever she gets in danger, which is pretty much all the time since she won’t stay put.

One thing that led me to love this series is the fact that we are not dealing with out of the world extremely beautiful characters. Annana is described as not being the prettiest of the women, let’s say. Naji has left of his face scared and people are constantly afraid of him. This was a change that I welcomed because, well, all those beautiful characters in the books, while I apreciate them so I can drool over all the incredible sexy guys we read about, kind of set high standards and are starting to make us all look at the boys and think, “Hey, that is no Daemon Black! I want an Adrian Ivashkov now!”

While being action packed, this series doesn’t neglet the romance. I loved all sea battles and scare worthy moments but I like me some fluffy scenes and I just want to give Cassandra Rose Clarke a big kiss on the cheek for making me smile like a maniac sometimes. All those touch don’t touch moments, gyahhhhhhhh. (felt like that was needed, sorry) Although those happen mostly in The Pirate’s Wish, The Assassin’s curse has plenty of parts that will make you squeel of happiness.

All that aside, I have to talk about my favourite character. During their mission to remove the curse, Annana and Naji get stranded in an island. There they get to meet certing characters but there was one that stuck with me. The manticore, also known as Ongraygeeomryn, is the best pet ever. Okay, she isn’t a pet, she is a wild creature that will eat you but this one, she just rocks. All in all, I want to have one.

The ending of the first book is pretty standard. Annana and Naji are stranded on that island and are thinking about how to break the curse. The Pirate’s Wish starts right where the other book ended. However, I must say I was pretty surprised by the actual ending. The characters seemed to have grown in personality and suddendly we’re not seeing Annana anymore. To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. I liked it, better yet, I loved it. It was beautiful, happy and sad at the same time, but I wanted more. I needed that third book! Next paragraph is a spoiler, you have been warned:

How could Naji say he had to stay an assassin in the Order and go separate ways from Annana, Yes they love each other, they managed to get bounded together in the middle of the second book by blood magic, and then, just like that, they decided to stay together, but separate. WTF. Okay, they’ll see each other sometimes but WHY. At least then give us a peek into the future, let us see they meeting again. I finished reading the series and just though Fuck it. I loved it but PLEASE GIVE US MORE. In a way, Annana’s wish came true: she got her own boat and became a captain. But… She needed to have Naji there with her. Not fair *pout face*

Cassandra Rose Clarke’s series is full of wonders and I envy her imagination.

The Assassin’s Curse

 5 Chibis

The Pirate’s Wish:

4 Chibis

(not getting more because my feelings are hurt)