Book Review: Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

17156015Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

Series: Beauty (1#)

Published: January 29th 2013

Publisher: Georgia Cates

Summary: “They agreed on three months…but their love knew no boundaries.

Jack McLachlan is a winemaking magnate and easily one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors. His success and wealth make him no stranger to the complications of romantic relationships and that’s why he goes to extreme measures to avoid the hassle. He prefers simplicity in the form of a beautiful female companion with no strings attached. He arranges relationships like business deals and they’re always the same. No long term relationships. No real names.

It’s his game and his rules. He’s content to play as usual, but when Laurelyn Prescott enters his life, his strategy must change because this player is like none he’s ever encountered. His world is turned on its head after he begins a three month affair with the beautiful American musician. Nothing goes according to plan and as he breaks more and more of his own rules for her, she’s exceptionally close to becoming something he never thought possible. His ultimate game changer.

Not recommended for younger readers due to sexual content and language.”




“What a wonderful tittle! Is it about BDSM?”

I asked myself once I set my eyes on this book for the first time. No guys, No BDSM, despite the very suggestive tittle. I guess in this particular case the author meant pain as in mental pain, not physical. I think I’m getting way too kinky, I seriously need to start reading less Erotica.

Anyway this book starts with a young woman flying to the land of the kangaroos, Australia. Her bff is also going with her. They both plan to stay at Ben’s house, her bff’s brother for 3 months.

Laurelyn ends up meeting the handsome Jack Henry, who has a very peculiar way of pursuing a woman *coff stalking coff* and an even better way of having a relationship.

After they both meet they agree on a relationship, a no strings attached relationship, 3 months,  no real names, no family or friends, or anything personal.
Obviously that didn’t go as expected and feelings get in the way.

I really don’t have not much to say about this book, I enjoyed reading it, but I’m not sure yet if I’m reading the second one or not. I didn’t like the way this one ended, the author could’ve stuck to one book, I would’ve been satisfied, but she decided to end it in a way that there would be a second book, and there is… and a third one.

Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that this book has two POV’s. I know lot’s of people like it, some people love it, yet I don’t. I like more than one POV very, very occasionally. This wasn’t one of those situations.

Despite not having liked the ending or the dual POV,I liked the plot and both main characters, they were both very entertaining and surprisingly, not annoying, something I keep finding in more and more books nowadays, annoying characters.

3.5 Chibis


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