Book Review: College Bound by Lilia Ford


College Bound by Lilia Ford

Published: 13th October 2014

Publisher:  Liliaford Romance LLC

Playlist: Crossfade – Cold; Cranberries – Zombie

Goodreads: ““I think you would be right for a position with quite specific requirements that would be hard to fill otherwise.”

After a vicious fight with her stepbrother and guardian, Natalie storms out of the family McMansion, never imagining that would be the last time she’d be allowed in the house. A string of truly rotten decisions follows, until she finds herself suspended from school, friendless, broke, and camping out at the convenience store where she works. Worst of all, her college applications are due!

Thanks to a helpful teacher and her own stupendous brilliance she manages to get into her top choice college. Unfortunately, dealing with the financial aid forms proves to be too much for her supersmarts and she is about to lose her spot because she cannot get the money together to pay the deposit.

Enter Gareth Boyd, an old family friend with an indecent proposal that will pay for everything—if she can meet his price.

Warning: This story features an eighteen-year-old heroine with a foul mouth and horrible judgment, a criminally unscrupulous man intent on taking advantage of her, and multiple scenes of bondage, spanking, ménage, and one potentially triggering scene of attempted rape. The novel is an erotic fantasy in which characters manipulate or disregard notions of proper consent in ways that would never be acceptable in real life. Adult Readers Only”


*I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley for an honest review.*

I was pretty uncertain about reading this book, but since Netgalley sent it to me (and I have to admit that I needed to read something spicy), I decided to give it a try.

Thank God I did it. I’m not a big fan of Erotica books, they are usually boring, tacky, silly and always about sex, sex, the romance is rushed and there’s never a real story behind it.

This book is my guilty pleasure, so what? Sue me. I loved this book and I won’t go back on my word.

At first I wasn’t very keen… the main character, Natalie is an idiotic, rude teenage girl, I didn’t like her. Even now I’m not sure I like… actually I hated all the characters on this book. But damn guys, this book is so utterly good, it pulls you in, compels you into reading it until the last damn page.

Natalie is an 18-year-old girl who get’s thrown out of her house by her bastard of a step-brother because someone published on the internet a video of her making out with two guys (this was the first thing I didn’t like about her.). It’s not that I don’t agree with women being with two guys, I mean, come on! These days guys have three-ways with two girls and no one bats an eye, so why can’t women do the same if they want to? The thing I didn’t agree with, was Natalie doing it in public. Even if she was with only a guy or girl I still think it’s gross to go at it in public, privacy is good, go for it, do it in private.

Anyway, after that, Natalie practically becomes homeless, until an a friend f hers, Gareth makes her a very “interesting” proposition. He wants her to become a love slave, not only to him, but also to Jamie, another really “interesting” dude, in exchange he will pay her college fees (Brown University).

The thing about this book is that all characters are fucked up in their own way. Even now I don’t know what is the thing about this book, only that I loved it and I want to forget it so I can read it again.

I must tell you that this book’s sex scenes are all disturbing if you’re used to reading stuff of love and flowers (me!!!), I’m used to more vanilla situations, where I can picture myself being the main character surrounded by love and sunshine. *hahaha-hardy-har-har*

Even if I couldn’t relate to Natalie or her situation, let’s called it situation cause it’s seems nicer, I was still able to read this book without wanting to shut down my computer and scream bloody murder.


Another thing I loved about College Bound was the writer. Lilia Ford writes wonderfully, not to mention that she is hilarious!!!

I couldn’t hold back my laughter in certain parts of the book, which scared my brother, because it’s almost 3 am and the house is super quiet. Have I mentioned that my laughter is kind of creepy? No? Okay, now you know it.

Guys, read this book if you’re into spicy romances. That’s all I can tell you.

4.99999 Chibis


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