Book review: Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

84136.jpgFantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Series: The Entire Dark-Hunterverse (#1)

Published: 18th February 2012

Publisher: St.Martin’s Press

Goodreads:Dear Reader,

Being trapped in a bedroom with a woman is a grand thing. Being trapped in hundreds of bedrooms over two thousand years isn’t. And being cursed into a book as a love-slave for eternity can ruin even a Spartan warrior’s day.

As a love-slave, I know everything about women. How to touch them, how to savor them, and most of all, how to pleasure them. But when I was summoned to fulfill Grace Alexander’s sexual fantasies, I found the first woman in history who saw me as a man with a tormented past. She alone bothered to take me out of the bedroom and onto the world. She taught me to love again.

But I was not born to love. I was cursed to walk eternity alone. As a general, I had long ago accepted my sentence. Yet now I have found Grace–the one thing my wounded heart cannot survive without. Sure, love can heal all wounds, but can it break a two-thousand-year-old curse?

Julian of Macedon ”


Julian of Macedon, the man who made me fall in love with the Dark-Hunter series. (I fell for him as well, obviously).


Grace Alexander a sex therapist has a non-existing romantic life, until her hilarious best friend Selena makes her summon a love-slave named Julian of Macedon.

“Oh take me, great gorgeous love-slave and have your wicked way with me. I command you to rise”

“Come and ease my aching loins, O great Julian of Macedon, Julian of Macedon, Julian of Macedon.”

Julian has been trapped in a book for a very long time, he used to be a fearless general of an ancient army, until the day he was betrayed by his brothers, Eros /aka Cupid and Priapus.

But Grace didn’t actually expect Julian to come out of the book, so when he appears on her porch completely naked she doesn’t know wether to scream or swoon (probably both).

“Just where do you think you’re taking me?” (…) “I’m taking you to your bedroom where we can finish what we’ve started,” he said simply, as if he were discussing the weather.”

Despite Julian looking like a sex God, Grace can see the pain in his eyes, the ghosts of his past and the fear of returning to the book in one month. And the only way Julian’s curse can be broken is if he waits until the next full moon to have sex with a daughter of Alexander. However, as the days go by, it keeps getting harder and harder for him to resist his urges.

“You can’t fear dying when you have no reason to live.”

My two favorite scenes are without a doubt:

– when Grace tries to teach Julian how to drive. The man might be talented in a wide range of things, but definitely not driving…

“Well then, just imagine the stories you can tell your men when you get back to Macedonia about the great steel beats you drove… around a parking lot.”

…and “the sexy reading session”… I have to admit that before reading this book I have never though reading to someone could be this sexy.

“What is this? A strip reading session? I read a paragraph, you open a button?”

Overall this book is hilarious, romantic, amazing, and has everything I need in a great book, it was simply amazing to get back to the Dark-Hunterverse!!!


4 Chibis

Book Review: Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast

30196Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast

Series: Goddess Summoning (#1)

Published: October 7th 2003

Publisher:  Berkley Sensation

Summary: “On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air Force Sergeant Christine Canady wished for one thing: a little magic in her life. After drinking way too much champagne, she performed, of all crazy things, a goddess-summoning ritual, hoping that it would somehow make her life a little less ordinary…but she never believed the spell would actually work.

When her military plane crashes into the ocean, CC’s mission overseas takes an unexpected turn. She awakens to find herself in a legendary time and place where magic rules the land—occupying the body of the mythic mermaid Undine. But there is danger in the waters and the goddess Gaea turns this modern, military gal into a beautiful damsel so that she can seek shelter on land.

CC is soon rescued (literally) by a knight in shining armor. She should he falling in love with this dream-come-true, but instead she aches for the sea and Dylan, the sexy merman who has stolen her heart.”




The first thing to talk about is the cover. Not this cover though, the cover of the Portuguese edition:


I bet you guys have to agree with me, this cover is beautiful. It’s of my favorite covers ever! Happily, this is also one of my favorite books!

If you know P.C. Cast then you probably met her the same way I did, through the House of Night series (I’m still wondering whether I shall review this series or not in the future), a series she wrote with her daughter Kristin Cast. Once I found out they were mother and daughter it weirded me out a bit. Probably because, if I remember correctly, there are some smutty scenes on the House of Night series, and me and my mom never talk about boys, kissing or sex. I’ll probably talk about it with my future spawns, but definitely not with her.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that, I’m here to talk about this book.

This book, oh this book…. It’s so damned good, seriously. I’ve always been head-over-heels with mermaids and mermaid legends, mermaids are pretty much my all-time favorite mythological creatures. So, once I found this book I couldn’t feel any happier.

CC is the main character of this story, she is a sergeant, yes, you read correctly, a sergeant of the American Air Forces, oh, and by the way, she has a phobia to planes, flying, air, you know, the usual ahahaha

The poor woman pretty much has to  face her fears every day…. now guys, that’s what I call a woman with balls.

CC loves her job but up until then, she didn’t feel like she was living, she felt as if something was missing in her life, something magical. It is then, on her 25th birthday she decides to get wasted with champagne, stuff her face with KFC and summon Gaea, the Earth Goddess. That’s my kind of girl, I do this all the time! … not.

The following morning CC feels reborn, as if something truly magical had happened to her.


While she was on her way to Saudi Arabia on a C-130 aircraft, the plane does everyone’s worst nightmare, it falls, on the Mediterranean sea.Sean the hot pilot sitting next to CC gets killed during the crash, and although CC tries to swim to save herself something pulls her ankle under water. CC believes she’s going to meet death, but instead she sees herself face-to-face to the most beautiful woman she’s ever seen, only she’s not a woman, she is mermaid. The mermaid’s name is Undine and she makes a deal with CC.

CC suddenly wakes up to find herself in Undine’s body!

Although everything sounded suddenly better, CC meets Undine’s brother… her next worst nightmare. After being able to repel him she meets the Goddess Gaea who tells her that to save herself she must find true love in land. In Land also happens to be the medieval Wales, an era of knights and repressed women.

But instead of finding love in land, she finds love in the sea as she meets Dylan, the handsome, charming merman, who makes her heart throb and her skin hot (I just attempted to rhyme here, but it didn’t go so well…).

Unfortunately CC must beware of other beings and fight against old-fashioned men.

I loved this book, if you like a romance with some time traveling, hot mermen, some crying and lots of sexy scenes, this is your book!

4.5 Chibis