Sofia and I have been talking forever how we don’t give enough attention to the blog and how we seriously need someone we can trust who would be willing to contribute with some amazing reviews from time to time to this neglected almost 3 years old blog. Luck have it that we have an incredible friend who loves reading (almost *wink wink*) as much as we do and happens to have a way with words. Seriously, this girl can write! Everything that she puts on paper turns into poetry (not like the stuff I write which is usually gibberish and utter non-sense stuff). And better yet, she said she would love (pretty sure she said “wouldn’t mind” but that’s just a technicality and so not the truth) to write book reviews for Chibi Reader and start being active on this amazing community that dedicates itself to exposing great books and trashing warning you to stay away from the shitty ones!

So, it’s with great pleasure that I want you to meet MARTA! As the newest addition, Marta is going to post a fabulous review tomorrow about a book that I loved. Be sure to check it out! Marta also has a goodreads account if you want to take a look (link).

Marta, we cannot thank you enough for joining us here!

Let’s cheer and hope for a brilliant, funny and hopefully unforgettable experience here at Chibi Reader!