Things I learned from reading YA

*Beware of sarcasm*

It’s been some time now since I’ve began reading Young Adult novels and series and I can say I’ve come across some really good books and some that, well, aren’t that good. But one of the things that make me shocked and sometimes make me laugh is the message some of these books convey to the readers.

There are some pretty ridiculous ones but others make me worried about how girls in special react to them. Maybe I’m the one wrong here and should start doing what the characters in some books do!  Here are the most hilarious and, if I’m honest, really stupid ones that come to mind now:

  • If a guy is trying to kill you should start dating him. And no, you aren’t dating him because you don’t know he is actually attempting to make you dead, you date him EVEN after you knew he tried to take your life. I think I should start looking for my killer charmed.
  • Keep your eyes on the players. Even though they usually get bored with a girl after a week (if that long!) they will fall in love with you. You will probably just have to see him with a different girl every night until he finally realises you exist. But fear not, he will!
  • Bad guys with tattoos are the best. And if they ride bikes??! *swoon* PS: They might be a little possessive and make a big scene whenever they smell a boy 5 miles away from you but who cares? They are badass!
  • A guy is constantly flipping you off. Ignore it, stalk him, you’ll make him fall head over heels for you. Giving you the bird is just a sign he loves you and doesn’t want to end your life with his cursed, but sensual, kiss.
  • A girl is wearing a skirt that is shorter than your (or just prettier, you’re just jealous)? What a slut! She should be sent to a convent.
  • A girl is wearing make up? What a slut! Convent…
  • A girl is prettier than you?????? Slut alert! Convent for life!
  • Parents? What are those? The people who make food magically appear in the table but disappear for the rest of the day? Oh them, they don’t matter.

Now, try finding books that fit these descriptions! I know there are so so many things I’m forgetting right now so, what are the most hilarious but seriously wrong that you have learned from YA books?