About us

Hello book lovers or passing visitors 😉

My name is Ana and this is what I’m calling an attempt at blogging and sharing my love for books with other people!

Since I was little that books have been my passion but since I read the amazing “The Black Magician” Trilogy by the equally amazing Trudi Canavan did I start “devouring” books. I created a Goodreads account and started writing little reviews and finding more and more books to read.

My favourite genres are paranormal and contemporary. I love YA and NA books! They are my vice. That and chocolate. But HEY! Everyone has a one ahaha

I’m also a fan of K-pop and I LOVE LOVE LOVE MANGA. These are the things where the other half of my money goes to… Damn, another addiction!

Moving on. If you want to check what books I read and what are my favourite reads go to my GR account: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/8917724-ana

Email: sarangftnee@gmail.com

Hey guys! I’m Sofyy and I love to read! (duh!) I’ve always thought about creating a blog and review books, but I never actually did it.  So, when I met Ana and she told she was a reviewer, I thought seriously about it and decided for once and for all that I should do it as well xD

I hope I can write good reviews, I promise I’ll do my best and update as often as I can! :)

My goodreads profile: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/10259320-sofia


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